Railway imaging systems are at the forefront of the ENSCO technology focus. Expertise with high-resolution camera systems and advanced image processing algorithms result in systems with extremely reliable image acquisition and processing capabilities. This approach has been successfully applied to the inspection of a range of track components, including joint bars (fish plates), ties (sleepers), fasteners, rail heads, and overhead wire, as well as track rights of way (ROW). All ENSCO railway imaging systems can operate either day or night to reduce operational interruptions.

Track Imaging Systems

Joint Bar Inspection System (JBIS)

Joint Bar Inspection System (JBIS) - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionThe JBIS employs patented vision inspection technology and methods to perform automated crack detection on joint bars (fish plates), measure rail gap, and deliver joint bar inventory reports. The system generates real-time exception reports, including continuous line scan images of suspect joint bars, and automatically inventories all joint bars and cracks in a permanent database. The JBIS, developed in partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) Office of Research and Development, increases inspection efficiency by reducing labor cost associated with traditional methods of joint bar evaluation.

Track Component Imaging System (TCIS)

Track Component Imaging System (TCIS) - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionPerforming walking inspections of a roadbed is time consuming and difficult to manage in high traffic areas. Using the Track Component Imaging System allows railways to automatically collect continuous images of the roadbed from a moving platform. The ability to store these geo-referenced images allows for any area in question to be evaluated from the office. Automated algorithms and processing software accompany this technology for comprehensive office inspection tools. TCIS can be used for detecting conditions such as missing/broken fasteners and grading concrete ties (sleepers).

Rail Surface Imaging System (RSIS)

Rail Surface Imaging System (RSIS) - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionThe ENSCO RSIS employs patented line scan imaging methods to collect and record continuous high-resolution images of rail surface from a moving vehicle. The system allows for high-resolution inspection of the rail surface for conditions, including Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF), shelling, spalling, squat surface cracking, engine burns, and broken rail. The RSIS aids in providing a comprehensive assessment of rail surface conditions to aid in safety and maintenance activities.

Driver View Imaging System (DVIS)

Driver View Imaging System (DVIS) - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionThe Driver View Imaging System collects digital images of the track and can operate in stand-alone mode or as an integrated component of a track inspection system, such as the Track Geometry Measurement System or Joint Bar Inspection System. Images of railway infrastructure in the right of way can be used for visual review of locations with detected exceptions and exception verifications. The collected images can also be used for analysis of safety conditions on grade crossings and bridges, accident investigations, inspection planning, and presentations.

Overhead Wire (Catenary) Imaging System (OWIS)

Overhead Wire Catenary Imaging System - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionThe Overhead Wire (catenary) Imaging System is used to record the image of a pantograph riding on the catenary wire. By adding location information to the images, the information can be used in conjunction with other measurement systems to investigate the root cause of the problem. The images can also be used to determine the overall performance of the pantograph system.

Tunnel Wall Imaging System (TWIS)

Tunnel Wall Imaging System (TWIS) - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionThe TWIS is a field-proven design that incorporates additional cameras to the Driver View Imaging System to provide additional imagery of tunnel walls, in particular upper corners of the tunnel walls. This allows for high-resolution images of critical areas of the tunnel walls, ceiling and associated mounted equipment. The TWIS includes a lighting system to allow for crisp imagery of the tunnels. The TWIS lighting also has a public safety feature while going through stations.

Thermal Imaging System (THIS)

Thermal Imaging System (TIS) - ENSCO Rail Track InspectionThe Thermal Imaging System (THIS) provides a driver point-of-view image of the track ROW. The THIS automatically creates exceptions to hot or cold conditions that exceed definable thresholds. Additionally, each image is tagged with GPS coordinates and the milepost (or kilometer post or chainage). The THIS can provide invaluable automated temperature inspection of the track ROW to find hot spots associated with third rail or catenary power equipment, or cold spots due to water drainage issues.

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