A highly flexible graphics renderer, IGL® offers all the benefits of a software-driven OpenGL® graphics engine. Efficient and with a small footprint, IGL gives application developers a wide range of implementation options for providing safety-critical real-time graphics on many different systems without the need for a dedicated GPU.

IGL graphics renderer architecture - ENSCO Avionics
  • Reduce SWaP — Reduce Size, Weight and Power of your avionics hardware without sacrificing high-quality OpenGL graphics.
  • Eliminate hardware obsolescence — Remove the dependency on ever-changing graphics processing hardware.
  • Radiation hardened environments — IGL is ideal for display requiring radiation tolerance.
  • Reduces life cycle cost — Eliminates the need for extra hardware and certification costs by using a software graphics renderer.

IGL Advantages

  • Platform-independent — Agnostic and portable, designed to work with any real-time operating system and processor.
  • Certifiable to DO-178C Level A — IGL Certification Kit meets the highest Design Assurance Level defined by the FAA.
  • ISO26262 Certifiable — IGL can be used for the most safety-critical automotive displays.
  • Safety-critical Graphics — Ensure the highest quality graphics for mission- and safety-critical displays.
  • Powerful — High-performing graphics renderer for real-time 2D and 3D graphical displays.

IGL HSI display - ENSCO Avionics