The following represent a small sample of our current and ongoing cybersecurity programs.

Featured Projects

U.S. Space Force

ENSCO’s extensive cybersecurity team is supporting all three of the newly-launched U.S. Space Force’s commands. Support includes:

  • Defensive cyber operations to modernize and sustain the Launch and Test Range System, the primary system the U.S. Space Force uses to communicate with the Department of Defense and national satellites.
  • Securing and defending all assets that support access to space for the warfighter, test and evaluation of ballistic missile and aeronautical programs and providing highly reliable command and control, communication, telemetry and tracking for more than 170 satellites.
  • Seamless transition of 52 enclaves from legacy DIACAP to the new Risk Management Framework (RMF) ahead of schedule, guaranteeing full accreditation and no impact to mission performance for space, launch and training infrastructures. ENSCO then taught this best practice to our government clients and Air Force inspectors who identified it as a best practice.

Airport Consolidated Rent-A-Car (ConRAC)

When a leading domestic airport with one of the largest rental car markets in the country began their modernization program, ENSCO’s cybersecurity team was contacted to conduct a threat vulnerability risk assessment and to architect a future cybersecurity solution to ensure that cybersecurity best practices were embedded into the beginning stages of the project’s evolution.

Defense Industrial Base

All organizations that provide services and products to the DoD will need to be CMMC certified by a third-party, DoD-approved assessor to bid on future DoD solicitations. CMMC requirements will begin to appear as early as June 2020. We executed multiple cybersecurity pre-assessments and provided way-forward guidance to organizations preparing to meet Cyber Maturity Model Certifications (CMMC) requirements.

U.S. Transit Authorities

Solving the vulnerabilities associated with the growing digitization within the transportation sector is an ongoing challenge. ENSCO is working with multiple transit authorities, focused on the protection, advancement and sustainment of the world’s critical infrastructures and the systems that support them.

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