Gain an independent review of your cybersecurity posture, program capability and your ability to defend against evolving threats — both internal and external.

We guide you through this complex process, identifying risks and the potential impact to your infrastructure, assets and public image, enabling quick mitigations and long-term planning. Our assessments empower you with the information you need to ensure resiliency and compliance with national, government and commercial standards and regulations — such as NIST SP 800 and SP 500, DoDI 8530.01 and 8510.01 (RMF), ISO/IEC 27001, CMMC and HIST CSF — to name just a few of many.

ENSCO Cybersecurity Assessments include:

  • Vulnerability Testing — Active threat scanning, network traffic analysis, operational behavior
  • Physical and Social Engineering Testing — Exploitation of people and physical controls protection
  • Penetration Testing — Internal and external security exploitation
  • Purple Teaming — Holistic approach to testing cyber defense capabilities
  • Web Application Testing — Functionality and security scanning
  • Code Review — Review of software through the software development lifecycle
  • Authority to Operate (ATO) — Utilizing Risk Management Framework (RMF) ensuring compliance controls are met through operational, administrative and technical controls
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) — All organizations that provide services and products to the Department of Defense (DoD) will need to be CMMC certified by a third-party, DoD-approved assessor to bid on future DoD solicitations. ENSCO is currently helping companies pre-assess their cybersecurity stance and plans to obtain C3PAO certification and begin CMMC assessments as early as Q3 of 2020.

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