Consolidate and integrate your CBRN/CWMD and other alarm data to protect people, property and missions.

Whether a threat is real or perceived, seconds count. Rapid interpretation of data is key—and it won’t happen if sensors and systems are disconnected and operating independently.

SenseGuard provides unparalleled situational awareness across all threat environments by consolidating CBRN/CWMD and alarm data in one system that is visible and accessible from any location, including mobile devices. The open, cloud-based architecture allows for the integration, fusion and real-time prescriptive analysis of data from any type or number of sensors and alarms—including chemical and bio‑threat platforms and existing physical security systems—enabling decision makers to quickly interpret large amounts of disparate sensor information.

This comprehensive approach to enterprise, building and campus-wide security ensures that when threats appear, decision makers have all the information they need to take the appropriate action and keep people, property and critical-mission activity safe. The SenseGuard system ensures that citizens, staff and their important work activities receive the highest level of threat protection.

The SenseGuard Advantage

SenseGuard delivers cross-cutting and economically scalable CBRN technology components that leverage autonomous, man-machine teaming, machine-machine teaming, and swarming methods to investigate and interrogate a potentially hazardous situation.

Key features include:

  • Automated sense, analyze and respond technology
  • Autonomous platforms
  • Sensor-communication integration, information analysis and decision support tools for CBRN sensors
  • Integrated platforms capable of machine-machine cooperative actions
  • Machine learning hardware/ software solutions

Cloud-based or intranet platform built on proven and CBRN/security systems technology and available for any infrastructure or industry type.

Based on the existing SENTRY systems, currently in operation in major facilities for almost 20 years, SenseGuard™ is a state-of-the-art system that can operate effectively in any industry, government, or commercial infrastructure environment, including:

  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Government
  • Individual buildings or large facility campuses
  • Critical or sensitive infrastructure

SenseGuard is adaptable to all customer needs:

  • Supports “kitted” applications, including wireless and highly portable environments for quick deployment
  • Works with mobile applications, including wireless platform based sensor systems
  • Operates on both military and civilian platforms
  • Flexible and configurable to conform to site concept of operations evolution
  • Robust, automated command and control features with manual override
  • Resides within and conforms to site’s IT network infrastructure.
  • Adheres to all information assurance guidelines.
  • Adaptable to all local IT policies, limitations and environmental factors.


Sensor- and Platform-agnostic System Design

  • SenseGuard supports any type or number of sensors, alarms systems, and security platforms
  • Integrated and comprehensive view of all sensors, alarms and security systems/platforms
  • Intranet or cloud-based architecture

Multi-sensor Automated Detection

  • Complete integration and consolidation of any sensor type, including CBRN sensors, building management systems (BMS), security systems, fire safety systems, and HVAC systems
  • Total system control from any location
  • View of complete geospatial environment

Automated Sense, Analyze and Respond Technology

  • System defines threat or event location
  • Prompts operators with appropriate response actions, depending on the type and potential impact of threat
  • Autonomous, man-machine/machine-machine teaming and swarming methods to investigate and interrogate threats


Instantaneous Threat Interpretation

  • Ensure citizens, staff, property, and missions are protected through comprehensive and immediate threat detection
  • Quick decision making through one consolidated system
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of operations from one integrated system, available from any location

Full Situational Awareness

  • Quick decision making through one consolidated system
  • Drill-down ability supports full situational awareness
  • System provides full threat/event location awareness

Adaptable, Scalable and Cost-effective System

  • Intranet or cloud-based architecture can easily be configured to meet your specific security needs
  • Reduce security-manning requirements by consolidating all sensor and alarm data into one system
  • System is scalable to operational needs
  • Reduce the cost of installing and maintaining multiple threat detection systems

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