Available in Autonomous and Manned OperationsENSCO’s Driver View Imaging System (DVIS) utilizes an area scan camera to provide an overall view of the track and surrounding right-of-way. It has the unique advantage that it is synchronized with all other inspection systems on the vehicle. This allows it to be a useful source of imagery to provide context to any defective condition identified on other systems. 

Driver View Imaging Right-of-Way Video Camera - ENSCO Rail Inspection TechnologiesRight-of-Way Video

ENSCO DVIS provides a great source of imagery to assess the right-of-way with corresponding measurement data. A common pairing is combining the DVIS with the Clearance Measurement System (CMS) to detect clearance infringement conditions with an associated image showing the infringement.

ENSCO offers the DVIS in the following configurations:

Infrared Lighting - Driver View Imaging Rail Inspection - ENSCOInfrared Lighting

Using infrared has the unique advantage of not interfering with passengers or oncoming train traffic.

Infrared use is preferred on passenger transits.

Visual Lighting - Driver View Imaging Rail Inspection - ENSCOVisual Lighting

An advantage of using visual light is that is able to produce color images. 

This can be an advantage to see Right-of-Way conditions that cause discolorations.

No Lighting Driver View Imaging Rail Inspection - ENSCONo Lighting

In some instances no lighting is required when there are minimal or no tunnels and surveying is performed during daytime. 

This method is commonly used with freight railways.

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