ENSCO has acquired the world-renowned VAMPIRE® Pro vehicle/track interaction software's source code and deployed it as a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud application. Based on the modeling principles of and fully compatible with the file formatting of the VAMPIRE Pro vehicle/track interaction software, users of ENSCO’s cloud SaaS can expect the same simulation speed and accuracy they’ve come to expect from VAMPIRE but with many new features. 

Online Web-based Cloud Simulator Service

Using a web browser, users can access and operate their own private instance of ENSCO’s modeling software package from any location and  device with internet connectivity. Files are managed and stored in the user’s personal cloud-based account without the need to install software on a local machine. Accessing your account to run simulations is as easy as visiting a website. Users can upload VAMPIRE formatted files for use in simulation or create their own simulation files using the features included in the web application.

Common Uses of the Online Simulator

  • Rail vehicle design and evaluation
  • Derailment investigations and cause finding
  • Track layout and operations evaluations
  • Ride quality simulations
  • Optimize rail operations by exploring the effects of speed, train makeup/handling, and vehicle/track characteristics on derailment risk and degradation rates in a virtual environment

Simulate with Actual Measured Track Geometry and Rail Profile Data

Users of the online simulator can easily incorporate actual measured track and rail profile data into simulations. The online simulation service is fully compatible with ENSCO measured track and rail profile data. Users can leverage this feature to better understand how rail vehicles will respond to actual track data.

Research-based Improvements and Updates to the Software

ENSCO will leverage its position as operator of the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) to ensure our rail vehicle dynamics simulation package represents the state of the art. ENSCO’s simulation software will continuously be updated to incorporate the latest rail vehicle dynamics research and physical testing.

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