ENSCO Rail, the leader in innovative, reliable, automated track inspection, offers the latest product in its suite of railway track inspection and maintenance planning products: the Ultrasonic Rail Flaw System (URFS). Rail flaw detection technology is the most reliable method in the rail industry for preventing broken rails, the leading cause of track-related derailments, which can result in catastrophic damage.

Ultrasonic Rail Flaw System (URFS) — The most reliable method in the rail industry for preventing broken rails, the leading cause of track-related derailments.

Ultrasonic Rail Flaw System (URFS) - ENSCO Rail Track Inspection TechnologiesThe ENSCO URFS is set to revolutionize the rail industry with improved prevention of broken rails and welds by using complementary technologies and skills sets. URFS will help railways meet regulatory requirements, prevent derailments, and keep their railways running safely and efficiently.

The ENSCO URFS is focused on bringing value to the industry by reducing false-stops, increasing productivity through automation, increasing accuracy of true-positive detections, and measuring corresponding conditions to aid in the prediction and prevention of rail flaws.

With more than 50 years of experience developing technologies with world class engineering staff for the rail industry, ENSCO is pleased to offer URFS in its portfolio of products. URFS seamlessly integrates with other ENSCO automated track inspection technologies, such as Zero-Speed Track Geometry and Rail Profile Measurement, as well as machine vision technology. This provides multiple benefits, allowing customers to ensure highly accurate defect location, data cross correlation and analysis, and standardization of operator controls to minimize training requirements. In addition, combining URFS with ENSCO Rail complementary machine vision inspection technologies, including our patented Rail Surface Imaging System and Joint Bar Imaging System, allows customers to significantly improve the assessment of overall rail integrity.

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