Available in Autonomous and Manned OperationsThe Track View Imaging System (TVIS) operates similarly to the Driver View Imaging System (DVIS), but is directed to produce detailed images of the track bed. Additionally, similar to the DVIS, the TVIS is offered with both infrared and visual light options.

Tie and Ballast Assessment

Track View Imaging - ENSCO Rail InspectionJust like the DVIS, it has the unique advantage of synchronizing with all other inspection systems on the vehicle. This allows it to be a useful source of imagery to provide context to any defective condition identified on other systems, such as overviews of the ballast conditions associated with Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) or Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data.

Turnout Assessment

The TVIS also provides a valuable overview images of turnouts. Synchronized data from other systems such as the Ride Quality Measurement System (RQMS) and Point Asset Inspection System (PAIS), paired with the TVIS, brings great context to the assets’ condition.

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