ENSCO’s agile RF ranging capability provides demonstrably higher precision and accuracy, longer range of operation, and more implementation flexibility than traditional ultra-wideband techniques. Our system performance evaluations using prototype radios designed by ENSCO have yielded multiple-centimeter-level accuracy (at one standard deviation) in various over land and over water real world environments. Our RF ranging technology has been field proven on the ENSCO custom software radio platform and can be implemented in a custom radio package, integrated into existing software-defined digital radios, or miniaturized into a chip-level package.

Typical applications for this technology

  • Short-range weapons guidance in GPS-denied environments
  • Formation or swarm navigation for unmanned autonomous systems
  • Warfighter-to-warfighter ranging and positioning using existing software-defined radios
  • RF ranging for cognitive radios
  • Ground truth for military system test and evaluation
  • Precision clock synchronization to support warm-start GPS and multi-ship operations
  • Station keeping for naval vessels

Why use ENSCO for your PNT Solutions?

ENSCO provides a state-of-the-art, point-to-point RF ranging capability that provides high precision measurement, long range capability, and a high measurement rate while maintaining low size, weight and power.

Short-range Weapons Guidance in GPS-denied Environments

Benefits for using our agile PNT solutions are:

  • Accuracy—Precise, centimeter-level accuracy with a high independent measurement report rate of more than 200 independent measurements per second (200 Hz)
  • Flexibility—Core ranging algorithm is compatible with alternate RF carriers and available RF bandwidth, without reliance on ultra-wideband implementations
  • Clock-neutral—Works with conventional time references and does not require precise time synchronization or ultra-stable clocks
  • Increased range—Band-limited signal enables high transmit power and ranges well beyond 1 km
  • Cost-efficient—Core components are manufactured in consumer quantities or can be implemented into existing software-defined radios
  • Practical size—Conventional radio design enables small size, weight and power
  • FCC compliant—Capable of unlicensed use in the U.S. and most of the world

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