ENSCO’s team of scientists and engineers counter current and emerging threats through advanced analytics, applied research, and disruptive technology.

Areas of expertise in radar and electronic warfare include:

  • Radar and Electronic Warfare - EW Modeling & SimulationAnalog/Digital Electronics and Firmware
    We design and build custom prototype electronics hardware, and develop firmware for multiple customers. Programs are the direct result of advanced capabilities requested by our customers or as a product of our IR&D programs.
  • Advanced Radar and EW Modeling and Simulation
    ENSCO creates detailed Radar and EW modeling software as well as designs and builds hardware in-the-loop simulations. We use high-fidelity simulations to show customers the capabilities to expect using our creative advanced, techniques and design approaches.
  • RF Design and Printed Circuit Board Engineering (PCB)
    ENSCO works in PCB design and fabrication at RF frequencies and below. We custom design these solutions to bring new capabilities to our diverse customer base.

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