IDataMap is a powerful add-on module to IData® that offers HMI developers the ability to add high performance and high fidelity 2D and 3D digital moving maps to their displays. Suitable for both military and commercial applications, the rich set of features and embedded performance in IDataMap enhance situational awareness capabilities to any type of display.


  • Decreases Development Time — Quickly and easily add 2D or 3D digital maps to a display
  • Reduces Certification Costs — IDataMap DO-178C certification kit eases certification of map displays
  • Robust Performance — Optimized for safety-critical embedded targets
  • Achieve Certifiable Synthetic Vision Applications

IDataMap Displays – 2D or 3D digital maps


  • Decreased Development Time — Develop displays quickly and easily with IDataMap module integration
  • Easy to Use Interface — Easily add an IDataMap application to displays
  • 2D/3D Terrain Rendering — Create 2D and 3D map displays
  • Navigational and Situational Awareness — Display mission-critical data in real time
  • Platform Independent – Runs on any RTOS, processor and GPU combination
  • DO-178C Certifiable — Certification kit meets the highest Design Assurance Level defined by the FAA


  • Superior Performance
  • Map Interactions
  • Render Obstacles
  • Color Banding
  • Terrain Query
  • User Defined Plug-ins
  • Multiple Map Formats
  • Multi-instancing
  • Advanced Symbology
  • Multiple Map Displays — IData can support more than one map display per application, load multiple map types and switch between maps at runtime
  • Multiple Map Formats — DTED (0-3), Geotiff, CADRG, satellite imagery
  • Supports Khronos OpenGL® SC/ES, DO-178C, AS9100