ENSCO scientists and engineers provide advanced signal processing research and development capabilities to the characterization of a wide range of threats. ENSCO has a long history of developing ground sensor systems for monitoring underground targets.

Nuclear Test Monitoring

Research and development of seismic detection, characterization and monitoring of clandestine nuclear testing. Special applications include monitoring of low-yield explosion monitoring, discrimination of explosions and earthquakes, and yield estimation of small explosions.

Underground Threat Detection and Monitoring

Research and development of signal processing algorithms and methods for the detection of low-level signals produced by underground sources of high strategic interest. Exploitation of multimodal geophysical sensors (seismic, acoustic and electromagnetic) to above ground and underground target detection and fusion of multiple ground sensor information for full characterization of sources of interest.

Passive Underground Target Monitoring

ENSCO pioneered the application of geophysical ground sensors for passively monitoring noise emissions from underground sources. ENSCO scientists and engineers develop highly capable ground sensor systems for long-term persistent monitoring of underground sources.

Vehicle Monitoring Sensor System

ENSCO engineers have developed a small, low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) acoustic/seismic system for extended detection, classification and monitoring of vehicle traffic. The system can be deployed along a roadside to detect vehicles and make generic estimates of vehicle weight based on characteristics of the seismic signals. The acoustic sensors provide estimates of vehicle movement directions. The sensor system can be applied to monitor the types and frequency of vehicle traffic on a road for extended periods of time.

Ruggedized GPR Sensor Systems

ENSCO develops ruggedized GPR systems for detection of underground targets of interest, including design and development of specialized antenna designs and implementation of GPR systems on ruggedized deployment platforms.

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