Available in Autonomous and Manned OperationsENSCO’s Third Rail Measurement System is an add-on to our Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) to accurately measure the relative vertical and horizontal height of the third rail (power rail) to the nearest running rail. It utilizes public safe lasers to accurately make measurements. Measuring and maintaining the third rail geometry is critical to ensuring efficient traction power operations on any transit.

Third Rail Measurement System (TRMS) - ENSCO Track InspectionThird Rail Position Measurement

The position of the third rail (power rail) is extremely important to ensure safe and uninterrupted transit operations. When the third rail position is out of tolerance it can cause damage to contact shoes or lose contact entirely causing excessive arching. The TRMS is an important measurement system to ensure the third rail is ready for smooth operations.

System Variations:

Top Contact Third Rail - ENSCOTop Contact Third Rail

This configuration is used when the contact shoe contacts on the top of the third rail.

Bottom Contact Third Rail - ENSCOBottom Contact Third Rail

This configuration is used when the contract shoe contacts on the bottom of the third rail.

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