In addition to supplying inspection vehicles and systems, ENSCO also offers the use of vehicles and systems we own as a service to customers. ENSCO owns and operates the equipment. This provides railways and transits access to cutting edge track inspection technology and our in-house experts.

    Hi-rail Inspection Vehicles

    Hi-rail Track Inspection Vehicles - ENSCO RailENSCO owns and operates a fleet of hi-rail inspection vehicles used for conducting automated track inspection services. The hi-rail systems are fully calibrated and staffed by experienced ENSCO staff. Automated inspection technologies offered from the hi-rail fleet include track geometry, rail profile, third rail measurement, joint bar inspection, track component inspection, and driver view imaging.

      Portable Inspection System for Rail Bound Vehicles

      ENSCO also owns and operates portable track geometry, rail profile, and third rail measurement systems that are temporarily installed on rail bound vehicles. These portable systems can be installed on passenger rail bound equipment, such as cab cars, coaches, and business cars.

        Inspection technologies offered by ENSCO as a service include:

        • Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS)
        • Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS)
        • Third-Rail (Power Rail) Measurement System (TRMS)
        • Joint Bar (Fish Plate) Inspection System (JBIS)
        • Track Component Imaging System (TCIS)
        • Driver View Imaging System (DVIS)

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        ENSCO Rail, Inc. and ENSCO Rail Australia Pty Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of ENSCO, Inc. The ENSCO Rail subsidiaries provide the products and services to commercial customers.