Available in Autonomous and Manned OperationsThe ENSCO Ride Quality Measurement System (RQMS) provides invaluable complementary track condition data and track geometry. Carbody, suspension and wheel acceleration data can be synchronized with track geometry data and machine vision data. Using our advanced signal processing algorithms, sensors can locate rough ride locations, battered joints, engine burns, crushed rail heads, etc.

Ride Quality

Axle Sensor - Ride Quality, ENSCO Rail Inspection TechnologiesThe RQMS is a great way to  measure passenger ride comfort directly and correlate the measurements with other systems such as the Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS), to identify specific track geometry conditions to correct.

Derailment Prevention

The RQMS ability to measure wheel/rail impact conditions, provides a great source to identify at-risk rail conditions that can result in a broken rail or failures in turnouts such as broken frogs, or chipped switch points. Additionally the RQMS can be synchronized with other systems, including the Rail Surface Imaging System (RSIS), to provide an image of the defective condition.

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