Available in Autonomous and Manned OperationsRail wear is one of the most important measurements to manage rail assets. ENSCO’s Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) is an add-on laser profiling system to the Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) that provides the rail profile measurements needed for rail maintenance and management.

Rail Maintenance

Rail is one of the most expensive assets a railway needs to maintain.  ENSCO’s RPMS provide key measurements for planning rail maintenance, including grinding and rail replacement. Additionally, its measurements can be used with the Automated Maintenance Advisor (AMA) to predict rail wear trends to identify where and when rail maintenance will be required.

Rail Profile Measurements

  • The RPMS allows for key measurements such as vertical and horizontal rail wear, and rail cant (inclination). 
  • ENSCO’s system offers multiple methods to automatically identify rail size and properly compare to new rail templates.
  • Rail Profile measurements can also be used for wheel/rail interaction assessment, such as equivalent conicity calculations and VAMPIRE® simulations.

System Variations:

  • Carbody Mounting — ENSCO has the unique ability to mount the TGMS & RPMS measurement beam to the carbody instead of the truck (bogie). This allows for easier installations and maintenance on the vehicle. Additionally, it has the advantage of higher reliability of lens cleanliness and shock & vibration, both critical for autonomous operation.
  • Gage Side Only Measurement — ENSCO’s standard RPMS uses field and gage (gauge) side lasers to measure both sides of the rail. ENSCO also offers a Gage Side Only RPMS, which only has measurement lasers on the gage side. This system provides the benefit of reduced cost and size compared to the full rail profile version, while still providing all the same measurements except the field side wear and lip.

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