Since 1987, ENSCO has performed mission vulnerability assessments for some of the United States’ most critical national security systems and architectures. Our subject matter experts are committed to delivering an unbiased, full-spectrum analysis as we identify critical vulnerabilities and help reduce or eliminate threats through recommended changes in concepts of operations, infrastructure, or technology.

We bring the experience and expertise of more than 350 assessments conducted globally to our customers. ENSCO performs assessments from both a cooperative or inside perspective (Blue Team), as well as an outsider perspective (Red Team).

Threat Vulnerability Assessments/Blue Team Assessments

Our Threat Vulnerability Assessments include all aspects of physical and virtual security to identify the nature and likelihood of a vulnerability, assessing threats ranging from accidents to weapons of mass destruction through a cyberattack. Using ENSCO’s subject matter experts across the broad spectrum of potential threat scenarios, we identify and assess mission vulnerabilities and recommend changes in concepts of operations and infrastructure, and  introduce technologies to help reduce vulnerabilities and recommend long-term investment strategies for risk management. The process and outcomes of these assessments are similar to Red Team results; however, a Blue Team collaborates with a customer’s staff in an open, transparent manner, whereas a Red Team operates from an external perspective with limited knowledge of internal activities. Blue teams have assessed communications networks, command and control (C2) centers, critical infrastructure, hardened and underground structures, military installations and logistical centers. Assessments have also been made on dams, ports and medical research centers.

Red Team Assessments

Computers, buildings, and even personnel can leave an organization vulnerable to virtual and physical attack. ENSCO’s impartial, third party review of operational security measures ensures that safeguards have not been compromised and are working effectively. Our experts emulate an adversary and conduct open source data searches, scouring the Internet for information that might leave an organization susceptible. We identify computer system vulnerabilities from outside the network and develop hypothetical physical or electronic attack scenarios; we conduct covert site analyses to seek out physical vulnerabilities and perimeter-breaching exercises to identify penetrable areas. Red teams also perform discreet personnel exchanges to gain information. Upon completion of such an assessment, the customer receives a report that outlines vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies. ENSCO also identifies potential technologies, procedural changes, and training that will help mitigate identified weaknesses.

Since 1996, ENSCO has led or supported Red Teams to conduct all-source assessments aimed at identifying critical vulnerabilities within critical mission functions. To accomplish this, we emulate an insider conducting potential industrial espionage activities, or foreign intelligence services or terrorist organizations operating against national assets.

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