IData® is data-driven, allowing users to quickly render design without generating code. Design once and apply to many displays; rapidly prototype with operator in the loop; and add enhancements without re-certifying.

IData — A Data-driven Approach

The only data-driven solution for accelerating the creation of mission- and safety-critical embedded display applications on the market! IData provides a robust and flexible development framework to easily design, develop, prototype and deploy rich graphics for any target display application regardless of platform.

  • Reduces Life Cycle Costs — Open architecture model-based development and meets DO-178C certification requirements
  • Reduces Certification Costs — IData DO-178C certification kit eases certification through data-driven architecture that does not require code generators or custom codes
  • Offers Robust Performance — Optimized for safety-critical embedded targets
  • Reduces Effort — One integrated toolset that is platform independent for creating mission- and safety-critical displays
  • Reduces Risk — DO-178C certifiable
IData displays


  • Multi-Touch Cockpit Functionality — Supports flight deck customization, interface flexibility and space efficiency to reduce pilot workload and fatigue and meet reduced SWAP requirements by eliminating switches and knobs.
  • OpenGL® SC 2.0 Shader-Based — Maximizes the power of modern graphics programmable shader engines so developers can explore new possibilities in HMI design and performance while meeting industry safety standards and certification.
  • 2D/3D Digital Moving Maps — Improves situational awareness in any type of display (synthetic vision, degraded visual environment, terrain warning systems, etc.) with newly upgraded and integrated module of IData Map 2.0. Display designers can design, build and certify customized maps to meet application needs.
  • Unique Space Application Support — Meets the unique needs of space applications, including SWAP requirements, radiation tolerance and compatibility across embedded environments (CPUs, GPUs, RTOS, etc.).
  • Certifiable to DO-178C Level A — Meets the highest Design Assurance Level defined by the FAA.
  • Aligned with Industry Standards — ARINC661, FACE, Khronos OpenGL ES/ SC, AS9100.


  • Mathworks simulink and DOORS integration
  • True Rapid Prototyping
  • Verification Tools
  • Behavior-based Animations
  • Performance Enablers
  • Supports ARINC 661
  • Aligns with the FACE™ Technical Standard
  • Supports Khronos OpenGL® SC/ES, DO-178C, AS9100

Download IData HMI Booklet - ENSCODownload IData® Tool Suite – HMI Booklet

Streamline and accelerate the design, development, prototyping, certification, and deployment of HMI graphical displays for safety and mission-critical environments.

IData HMI Booklet