ENSCO understands how to complement instrumentation with simulation tools to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate hypothetical scenarios. This helps identify problems before they occur, prevent downtime, and optimize your operations. Areas of expertise include track/train dynamics simulations, vehicle/track interaction, and finite element analysis.

Track/Train Dynamics

Used to simulate an entire train over long stretches of track that includes elevation changes and curves. This type of simulation is often used to assess freight train make-up and handling. ENSCO uses the software program Train Energy and Dynamics Simulator (TEDS) provided by our partner Sharma and Associates.

Results of simulations can be used to assess problems such as:

  • Building operational rules for train make-up and train handling
  • Evaluating larger freight train sizes for safety
  • Assessing proposed designs of new track, industrial leads, and balloon loops for safety and expected use deterioration
  • Investigating and predicting derailment risk and identifying mitigating strategies

Vehicle/Track Interaction

ENSCO uses VAMPIRE® for vehicle/track interaction simulation to predict vehicle motions and wheel/rail interaction forces when interacting with measured track conditions.

Results of simulations can be used for:

  • Understanding premature wheel and rail wear or RCF generation
  • Investigating and predicting derailment risk and identifying mitigating strategies
  • Identifying root causes of rapid track deterioration conditions
  • Evaluating new vehicle or suspension types

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

This modeling technique simulates the stress and deformations that individual components undergo during railway operations. ENSCO uses various FEA simulation packages, including Ansys, ABAQUS, and LS-DYNA.

Results of simulations can be used for:

  • Investigation of rolling stock and track components failing from fatigue
  • Evaluation of design changes to components
  • Life-extension studies of rolling stock

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