As a research and safety-critical systems engineering company, ENSCO combines knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, computer science, physical science and mathematics to provide comprehensive analysis of systems, software, algorithms and circuit designs.

Our analysts are highly experienced in development and evaluation of top-down and bottom-up structure models. Familiarity with military standards for systems development and an understanding of the system evolution process allows our engineers to evaluate the developer’s activity regardless of the methodologies or standards used.

We are embarking on the development of a Resilient Architecture and a Resilient Enterprise Ground System (REGS) for the U.S. Satellite Control Network (AFSCN), supporting the Space Warfighting Construct (SWC) and the Space Enterprise Vision (SEV) as articulated by the Air Force leadership.

System Architecture Development

Moving from a set of requirements to a viable system architecture takes a disciplined approach refined by years of experience. ENSCO has been applying Model-Based Systems Engineering, and mission architecture development in new initiatives as well as modernization efforts for legacy systems, and understands the difference in approaches required for each of these efforts.

System Analysis

Understanding how a system will operate, and interact with other systems, before it is implemented is imperative, in order to avoid costly revisions or total system failures. Through a combination of analysis and modeling, ENSCO has proven repeatedly that there is value in domain understanding before execution. Applying a good cyber protection disciplines in the design phase is far more effective than as a retrofit.

System Performance Evaluation

Once a system has been developed, it is important that it be evaluated independently from the developing organization. ENSCO applies a disciplined approach to determine the system’s ability to meet the original requirements in both functionality and performance. We understand the importance of stress testing a system and risk analysis, in order to quantify where safety or success could become compromised.

Integrating new systems into an existing and operating infrastructure presents a number of crucial challenges, ranging from the need to operate in parallel with legacy systems to cross-platform data conversion. ENSCO tackles these problems by developing automated simulations and test tools that evaluate systems at the 90-plus percent level by using high fidelity data simulators and system emulators to verify operation in a full end-to-end environment. The simulators and emulators allow the new systems to be extensively tested in an offline environment prior to being physically integrated into the operational architecture.



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