Colorado Governor Experiences Hydrogen Train at the Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

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Pueblo, CO, November 27, 2023

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, along with local public officials, visited the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA’s) Transportation Technology Center (TTC) in September to ride a hydrogen train being tested at the facility. The TTC is managed on behalf of FRA by ENSCO, Inc.

Ruben D. Peña B. - ENSCO Modernization Manager, Transportation Technology Center (TTC)
Ruben D. Peña B.
ENSCO Modernization Manager
Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

Colorado Public Radio news covered the official visit, focusing on Polis' efforts to bring passenger rail service to the heart of the state. The train car, manufactured by Stadler, is part of FRA's and ENSCO's drive to research and test alternative fuel sources for ground transportation.

Pueblo, Colorado, where TTC is located, was recently highlighted as a leader in renewable energy in a Colorado Newsline article. ENSCO Modernization Manager Ruben Peña discussed the global attention the center attracts.

“Last week, I hosted people from the Czech Republic. This week, we have a whole bunch of people from Switzerland,” he told a Colorado Newsline reporter. “We had a contingent from Brazil two weeks ago.”

As the operator of TTC, ENSCO is leading the charge in Pueblo to reimagine the world’s transportation network. ENSCO assumed management of the FRA-owned testing and training facility last fall.

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About the Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

ENSCO, Inc. is the operator of the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) located in Pueblo, Colorado, on behalf of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Spanning 52 square miles, the TTC is dedicated to innovating and advancing research, development, testing, and training to improve safety, security, and sustainability in all forms of surface transportation. The TTC is also home to the Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP). CCIP's mission is to fortify critical infrastructure entities against cyber and physical threats through comprehensive training, rigorous assessments, meticulous testing, and robust protection measures. Located at 55500 DOT Road, Pueblo, CO 81001, the TTC stands as a cornerstone of innovation and advancement. Explore the vast TTC capabilities at

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