Available in Autonomous and Manned OperationsRail corrugation can be more than a nuisance and create safety risks if unmeasured and unresolved. The repeated worn surface patterns in the rail surface can produce not only high levels of noise but also elevated wheel/rail contact forces that can result in further safety concerns.

ENSCO’s highly accurate Rail Corrugation Measurement System (RCMS) evaluates corrugation over multiple critical wavelength bands allowing for in-depth assessment. Measurements are key to identifying locations of needed rail maintenance to resolve corrugation to regain optimum wheel/rail behavior.

System Variations:

  • Laser-Based — ENSCO’s laser-based system provides the highest accuracy possible for corrugation measurement. Additionally, it can measure down to zero speed. ENSCO’s laser-based RCMS is an add-on system to ENSCO’s Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS).
  • Acceleration-Based — ENSCO offers an acceleration-based corrugation system that offers extreme value and a small installation size through its partner.

System Integration

ENSCO’s RCMS also can be synchronized with our Ride Quality Measurement System (RQMS) to measure the effects of the corrugation on wheel acceleration and also the Rail Surface Imaging System (RSIS) to have a corresponding image of the corrugation.

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