This page serves as an all-encompassing list of ENSCO’s products and services. We invite you to first evaluate our solutions by reviewing Engineering Services, Inspection Technologies, and Data Management Suite.

Joint Bar Imaging System (JBIS)

ENSCO’s Joint Bar Imaging System (JBIS) employs patented vision inspection technology and methods to perform a detailed inspection of joint bars (fish plates) and rails using high-speed cameras. The JBIS provides an in-depth visual assessment of joints and rails, ensuring that cracks and defective conditions do not lead to a derailment or further failure.

Joint Bar Imaging System (JBIS) - ENSCO Rail Inspection Technologies

Third Rail Measurement System (TRMS)

ENSCO’s Third Rail Measurement System is an add-on to our Rail Profile Measurement System to accurately measure the relative vertical and horizontal height of the third rail (power rail) to the nearest running rail. It utilizes public safe lasers to accurately make measurements. Measuring and maintaining the third rail geometry is critical to ensuring efficient traction power operations on any transit.

Third Rail Measurement System (TRMS) - ENSCO Rail Inspection

Third Rail Imaging System (TRIS)

ENSCO’s Third Rail Imaging System (TRIS) is the premier method to capture high-resolution imagery of the third rail and associated components. The TRIS features high frequency cameras to produce detailed images where ENSCO’s industry leading machine vision algorithms can automatically identify components and defective conditions. 

Third Rail Imaging System (TRIS) - ENSCO Rail Inspection

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