Automate the management of inspection schedules, maintenance, defect identification, and follow-up records with this easy-to-use-web-based software application.

Gain rapid access to performance reports and ensure regulatory compliance with this simple, mobile, web-based track inspection tool

Digital Track Notebook (DTN) - Simple, Mobile, Web-Based Track Inspection Software Application
The DTN can be used in the field with laptops or tablets.

ENSCO developed the Digital Track Notebook® (DTN) for field inspectors to record track inspections electronically without the need for paper. The Digital Track Notebook enables track inspectors and maintenance personnel to manage inspection schedules, record track-related defects and maintenance activity, and synchronize all field information with a centralized data management system.

Additionally, the DTN can quickly create regulatory and management reports. The DTN complies with FRA electronic record-keeping requirements.

DTN can be hosted at the customer’s site or leased as a service through ENSCO’s data/web hosting plans.

DTN Benefits

Why more than 1,200 inspectors use DTN to streamline track inspections

  • Web-based, paperless track inspection record management
  • Complies with FRA 49 CFR 213.241
  • Incorporates current FRA and Transport Canada rules
  • Prevents regulatory fines
  • Generates rapid compliance reports and provides a variety of reports to meet the needs of track inspectors and upper-level executives
  • Simple to use
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Tested, proven, government audited

Paperless Record Management

Digital Track Notebook (DTN) - Easy to Use Web-based Track Inspection Software Application
ENSCO is a comprehensive service provider offering a full range of solutions for the rail industry. DTN tracks defects electronically, and users can review the data in TrackIT®, an ENSCO web-based track infrastructure, maintenance and exception data viewer. TrackIT brings multiple data sources to a central location where the total track health can be comprehensively assessed.

DTN is based on research sponsored by the FRA and ENSCO internal research and development.

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