Performing field instrumentation is the best way to obtain invaluable data to understand your current performance and identify how to improve further. ENSCO employs industry-leading instrumentation engineers to deploy both manned and autonomous instrumentation into the railway environment.

Vehicle Acceptance Testing

ENSCO's experienced team and advanced test equipment provide data collection and analysis services for vehicle approval, also known as Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). ENSCO verifies system specifications and confirms safe operations.

ENSCO’s vehicle acceptance instrumentation capabilities include:

  • Wheel/rail force measuring using our Instrumented Wheel Sets (IWS)
  • Vibration and ride quality testing
  • Wayside and onboard noise monitoring
  • Wheel unloading and load equalization measurement
  • Brake performance testing
  • Wheel temperature testing
  • Suspension performance evaluations

Autonomous Instrumentation

Many times, having manned instrumentation is not feasible or cost- effective. ENSCO offers the unique ability to provide autonomous instrumentation where the data acquisition equipment operates without human intervention. This allows for more data to be collected cost-effectively. 

Key advantages of ENSCO’s autonomous data acquisition capabilities include:

  • Reliable autonomous data collection and wireless data transfer with cloud data hosting
  • Experienced and proven autonomous power source capabilities
  • Automated track determination capabilities with host railway partnership
  • Integration with other measurement systems, including the Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS)

Field Investigation Tests

ENSCO has had a wide range of field tests to aid our railway customers in their strategic goals. The following are a few examples:

  • Autonomous Over-the-Road testing
  • Yard impact monitoring of rolling stock
  • Train Make-up and Train Handling instrumentation studies
  • Long-term in-train force monitoring using Instrumented Couplers
  • Instrumentation for brake component failure investigation

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