PTC system accuracy is key to ensure safe operation and avoid unintentional train stops. ENSCO provides a wide range of PTC consulting services to aid in diagnosing issues and system integration. ENSCO’s in-house train control experts, and electrical and software engineers provide a deep knowledge of the systems, challenges and integration,

ENSCO adapts best practices from the avionics industry for use in the rail industry. This includes safety-critical Engine Control Systems, Flight Control Systems, and Power Control Systems. Since 1975, ENSCO has been performimg Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) for a wide range of customers across numerous safety- and revenue-critical systems. Utilizing the advances made in the avionics industry, ENSCO is able to deliver fast solutions for rail customers.

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U.S. Government Sales
Ruben D. Peña B.

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North American Sales
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International Sales
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ENSCO Rail, Inc. and ENSCO Rail Australia Pty Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of ENSCO, Inc. The ENSCO Rail subsidiaries provide the products and services to commercial customers.