ENSCO has produced more than 40 Instrumented Wheel Sets (IWS) for passenger cars, freight cars, and transit cars since 1975. ENSCO’s IWS use a fully calibrated strain gauge array that produces real-time vertical, lateral and longitudinal wheel/rail force measurements. The IWS also measure the wheel/rail contact location.

Transit Vehicle Operating Instrumented Wheel Set - ENSCO RailThe IWS provide a continuous measurement at all speeds and flag exception locations when parameters exceed set thresholds. ENSCO’s IWS has been successfully used to qualify many passenger cars.

ENSCO has extensive experience conducting vehicle qualifications and instrumented wheel set testing throughout the railroad and transit industry. Additionally, ENSCO has an internal team of vehicle/track interaction professionals, who support interpreting the IWS data and conduct vehicle/track interaction simulations, using programs such as VAMPIRE®.

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ENSCO Rail, Inc. and ENSCO Rail Australia Pty Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of ENSCO, Inc. The ENSCO Rail subsidiaries provide the products and services to commercial customers.