ENSCO’s Annual Report highlights our innovative technology and programs in the areas of aerospace, national security, rail transportation, and cyber.

2023 Annual Report

ENSCO 2023 Annual Report - Growth & OpportunityGROWTH & OPPORTUNITY

Through innovation; continuous technological improvement; securing new contracts, acquisitions, geographic presence, and cross-company collaboration; and investing in our people and our future, ENSCO concludes a fiscal year marked by Growth and Opportunity.

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2022 Annual Report

2022 ENSCO Annual Report - People, Customers, GrowthPEOPLE | CUSTOMERS | GROWTH

ENSCO’s formula for success is both powerful and straightforward: by providing an exceptional experience for our people and customers, we will achieve sustained growth over the long term. Our starting point is ENSCO’s people. The ENSCO team includes highly talented engineers, program managers, and business leaders as well as critical support teams. It is the caliber of our people that makes it possible for us to attract customers seeking partners capable of solving their most pressing and complex technical challenges. ENSCO’s focus on people and customers drives our growth. This has led to improved efficiencies, greater innovation, and collaboration across programs which benefit our employee’s professional growth and their contributions to the many programs they support. It is a win-win for ENSCO and our customers.

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2021 Annual Report

2021 ENSCO Annual Report - Ideas to RealityIdeas to Reality

This was a year of firsts. In the space of just 12 months, ENSCO won the largest program award in company history, completed our first company acquisition, realigned our corporate structure to meet market needs and earned our first national Top Workplace award. These milestones position ENSCO for significant future growth and an aggressive trajectory, enabling the company to deliver more comprehensive services to customers in the coming years.

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2020 Annual Report

2020 ENSCO Annual Report - Transforming Ideas into a Safer and More Secure RealityTransforming Ideas into a Safer and More Secure Reality

The current moment has only underscored the vital importance of safety and security for our customers. For more than 50 years, ENSCO has pioneered new methods of ensuring that the critical systems and infrastructure they rely on—for aerospace, national defense, surface transportation and aviation—function flawlessly and are protected from threats, at home or abroad. In the face of unprecedented technological disruption and rapidly proliferating threats, ENSCO has the insight, expertise and experience to provide our customers with the most rigorous levels of safety and security.

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2019 Annual Report

ENSCO 2019 Annual ReportCelebrating 50 Years and Looking Ahead

Since its inception, ENSCO has pushed the boundaries of technology, finding ways to innovate, expand, and apply technology to fuel our customers’ success. Our strength comes not only from intimate knowledge of customer needs, but also the depth of our expertise and breadth of our capabilities.

Now in our 50th year of business, we celebrate our past achievements and are positioned to address future challenges. We are proud of the lasting impact we have on the world around us—both in what we have achieved and what is yet to come.

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2018 Annual Report

ENSCO 2018 Annual ReportFocusing Our Strengths on Customer Missions

Since its inception, ENSCO has pushed the boundaries of technology, finding ways to innovate, expand and apply technology for the purpose of customer success.

Our strength comes from not only intimate knowledge of customer needs, but also the depth of our expertise and breadth of our capabilities. When they come together with singular focus—our customer missions—we make the impossible, possible.

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