The ENSCO Rail Emergency Evacuation Simulator, known as the “Rollover Rig,” is the first evacuation simulator of its kind in the United States. It is an essential and innovative tool to train emergency personnel on how to respond when the worst case scenario becomes a reality.

The Rollover Rig was originally designed with sponsorship from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Office of Research and Development, and is now in demand among training centers, state departments of transportation, and railroads and agencies interested in safety preparedness.

Designed to roll 180 degrees in 10-degree increments, the Rollover Rig rotates a full-size passenger rail car. It is designed to simulate situations encountered by rescue personnel at the site of a rail emergency. First responders can face a realistic scenario rescuing passengers from a non-upright rail car, complete with the challenge of gaining entrance, and moving about inside the car after a rail accident.

While training on the simulator, emergency responders can practice skills, such as moving injured passengers past obstacles, carrying out duties despite visual or spatial disorientation, and operating in a smoke-filled or dark car. Video monitoring, both inside and outside the car, provides valuable information for post-training debriefing. The Rollover Rig enables emergency response teams nationwide to receive vital, real-life training.

Watch Video – Emergency Evacuation Simulator Trains First Responders

ENSCO’s Rail Emergency Evacuation Simulator is the only evacuation simulator of its kind in the United States. The “Rollover Rig” is used to train rescue personnel for the challenges of gaining entrance and moving inside a non-upright rail car after an accident.

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