ENSCO’s MicroSearch® Human Presence Detection System Added to GSA Schedule

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Springfield, VA, May 24, 2023

MicroSearch Human Presence Detection System - ENSCOENSCO, Inc. is pleased to announce that its MicroSearch® Human Presence Detection System (HPDS) has been accepted and is now listed under the General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. MicroSearch uses unique sensors placed on or near vehicles to detect the presence of a living being. Using Contactless Vehicle Sensor, MicroSearch is able complete this search without touching or placing anything on the vehicle, offering greater portability, flexibility, and safety during inspections.

Under the MAS Program, GSA issues long-term governmentwide contracts that provide federal, state, and local government buyers access to commercial products, services, and solutions at pre negotiated pricing. The GSA Schedule is structured to support the 12 large categories established by OMB under the category management approach of smarter buying. The Schedule is further divided into subcategories and Special Item Numbers (SINs) that are aligned with NAICS codes to simplify the process for understanding the scope of GSA’s offerings so buyers and sellers can find the products and services they are looking for.

The MAS Program supports GSA's Federal Marketplace (FMP) strategy of modernizing and simplifying the buying and selling experience for all stakeholders. For buyers, MAS saves your agency time and money.

ENSCO MicroSearch can be found under the following:

  • FSC Group: Professional Services
  • FSC Class: R425
  • Contract number: 47QRAA20D006C Supplement No.003 dated 1/11/23
  • SIN:  SIN Description 541330ENG Engineering Services


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