ENSCO Secures Landmark Contract for MicroSearch® Technology in Bulgaria

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Springfield, VA, July 9, 2024

  • ENSCO, in partnership with unival group GmbH, secured its first sale of MicroSearch® technology in Bulgaria, supporting the Bulgarian Federal Authorities' immigration security objectives.
  • The contract involves deploying advanced contactless vehicle sensors that enhance security, safety, and efficiency by detecting human presence through subtle vibrations from the human heartbeat.
  • This deployment in Bulgaria adds to MicroSearch's proven track record of successful global implementations in correctional facilities, border security, and critical infrastructure protection.

ENSCO, Inc., along with its exclusive reseller unival group GmbH of Bonn, Germany, has announced a significant contract win for the deployment of its advanced MicroSearch® contactless vehicle sensor technology in Bulgaria. This marks the first sale of MicroSearch technology in Bulgaria, in partnership with the Bulgarian Federal Authorities to support the country’s immigration security objectives.

This contract will see the installation of the new touch-free sensors across key locations in Bulgaria, enhancing security and efficiency in vehicle inspections. MicroSearch's innovative technology detects human presence in vehicles by sensing subtle vibrations from the human heartbeat, now upgraded to a contactless form factor that ensures safety and ease for inspection personnel.

“This contract signifies a major step forward in enhancing Bulgaria’s immigration security infrastructure. The MicroSearch contactless vehicle sensors provide a robust, efficient, and safe solution for vehicle inspections. We are excited to collaborate with unival group GmbH and the Bulgarian Federal Authorities in implementing this pioneering technology.”

Jeff Stevens, President of ENSCO

MicroSearch has a proven track record of successful deployments worldwide, including in correctional facilities, border crossings and critical infrastructure locations. This contract win in Bulgaria adds to a series of recent successes in Africa and Australia, further establishing MicroSearch as the global industry standard in human presence detection technology.

For more information about ENSCO and its range of innovative security solutions, please visit ensco.com/microsearch


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