IData® is data-driven, allowing users to quickly render design without generating code; design once and apply to many displays; rapidly prototype with operator in the loop; and add enhancements without re-certifying.

IData — A Data-driven Approach

The only data-driven solution for accelerating the creation of mission- and safety-critical embedded display applications on the market! IData provides a robust and flexible development framework to easily design, develop, prototype and deploy rich graphics for any target display application.

  • Delivers Advanced Capabilities — Integrated mapping, 3D scene management, video handling and widget libraries
  • Reduces Life Cycle Costs — Open architecture model-based development and meets DO-178C certification requirements
  • Reduces Certification Costs — IData DO-178C certification kit eases certification
  • Robust Performance — Optimized for safety-critical embedded targets

IData displays


  • Integrated Tool Set — One integrated toolset for creating mission- and safety-critical displays
  • Data-driven Architecture — Does not rely on the need for code generators or custom code for each target device
  • Platform-independent — Runs on any RTOS, processor and GPU combination
  • DO-178C Certifiable — Certification kit meets the highest Design Assurance Level defined by the FAA


  • Superior Performance
  • True Rapid Prototyping
  • Verification Tools
  • Behavior-based Animations
  • Performance Enablers
  • Supports ARINC 661
  • Aligns with the FACE™ Technical Standard
  • Supports Khronos OpenGL® SC/ES, DO-178C, AS9100