IData® HMI Tool Suite Version 4.0 Meets Evolving Safety- and Mission-Critical Systems and Software Design Challenges in Aerospace Display Applications

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Endicott, N.Y., August 20, 2020

Expanded technical capabilities and features enable developers to design, develop and certify next-generation flight-critical displays and mission display units at the speed of need.

Today, ENSCO Avionics, an industry leader in airworthiness, flight safety and mission assurance for defense and commercial systems worldwide, released IData® HMI Tool Suite Version 4.0 (IData 4.0). It is the latest advance in the tool suite that uniquely meets the industry’s need to expedite the design, development and certification of embedded display applications and keep pace with rapidly emerging technologies, standards and certification requirements.

IData 4.0 builds upon previous IData core functionality to incorporate new graphics capabilities for greater pilot situational awareness, improved human/machine interaction and increased flexibility and customization. With 20 years of success as the only data-driven HMI Tool Suite, IData reduces the time, cost, effort and risk in developing and certifying any target display application, across the entire development lifecycle.

IData 4.0 capabilities and features:

  • Multi-Touch Cockpit Functionality — Supports flight deck customization, interface flexibility and space efficiency to reduce pilot workload and fatigue and meet reduced SWAP requirements by eliminating switches and knobs.
  • OpenGL® SC 2.0 Shader-Based Graphics — Maximizes the power of modern graphics programmable shader engines so developers can explore new possibilities in HMI design and performance while meeting industry safety standards and certification.
  • 2D/3D Digital Moving Maps — Improves situational awareness in any type of display (synthetic vision, degraded visual environment, terrain warning systems, etc.) with newly upgraded and integrated module of IDataMap 2.0. Display designers can design, build and certify customized maps to meet application needs.
  • Unique Space Application Support — Meets the unique needs of space applications, including SWAP requirements, radiation tolerance and compatibility across embedded environments (CPUs, GPUs, RTOS, etc.).

“ENSCO Avionics has a rich history of participating in some of the industry’s greatest aerospace achievements through the design, development and certification of safety-critical systems,” states ENSCO Avionics Vice President Robert Sanders. “In partnership with our customers, IData 4.0 continues our tradition of applying deep industry knowledge and elite safety- and mission-critical systems development expertise to improving our customers’ ability to innovate at greater speed with greater confidence.”


ENSCO Avionics is an industry leader in airworthiness, flight safety and mission assurance for defense and commercial systems worldwide. For more than 35 years, ENSCO Avionics has been a trusted partner and technology provider for reliable and efficient embedded systems, cyber and technology disruption mitigation, certification solutions, avionics display development, engineering services and HMI development toolkits. ENSCO Avionics develops sophisticated airborne systems for the aerospace industry to meet DO-178C/ED-12, DO-254/ED-80, DO-278A/ED-109, DO-326A and military standards for manned and unmanned systems. Learn more about ENSCO Avionics

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