ENSCO recognizes that the operations, mechanical and track disciplines of a railway must work together in an integrated system to ensure safety. Our broad expertise allows us to look at all factors contributing to derailments and arrive at solutions to prevent future incidents.

    Incident Investigation Capabilities:

    • On-site investigations
    • Track measurements including track geometry and rail profile
    • Vehicle component assessments
    • Reenactment testing with instrumentation
    • Vehicle/track interaction modeling using VAMPIRE®

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    U.S. Government Sales
    Ruben D. Peña B.

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    North American Sales
    Acacia Reber

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    International Sales
    Bernhard Metzger

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    ENSCO Rail, Inc. and ENSCO Rail Australia Pty Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of ENSCO, Inc. The ENSCO Rail subsidiaries provide the products and services to commercial customers.