ENSCO’s Cybersecurity Team Fights Human Trafficking Supporting the CyberFox OSINT4Good Initiative

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Colorado Springs, CO, March 7, 2024

  • OSINT, also known as open-source intelligence, is the collection of publicly available and legally accessible information, and the subsequent analyzation of that data into meaningful intelligence.
  • OSINT4Good is an initiative created by CyberFox Team to use OSINT to help locate and recover people who have been trafficked.
  • At a recent multi-day OSINT4Good event in Colorado, employees from ENSCO joined 60 volunteers for a live operation to combat human trafficking.
ENSCO employees participate in a recent OSINT4Good event held near Colorado Springs.
Biyaya Laemmel (right), Cyber Security Engineer II, and Averie Githiomi (left), Cybersecurity SkillBridge Intern, participate in a recent OSINT4Good event held near Colorado Springs, CO.

ENSCO’s cybersecurity team is committed to utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT) in the growing fight against human trafficking.

During a recent event held near Colorado Springs, Colorado, ENSCO cyber team members volunteered their time and skills with CyberFox Team’s OSINT4Good initiative, which assists in the identification and recovery of missing and exploited people across the U.S.

Over multiple days, more than 60 volunteers, including those from ENSCO, were first trained in basic OSINT skills to help them recognize human trafficking and locate missing persons. After, they were challenged to put the tools to use during a live operation, with the goal of finding people who have been trafficked.

“We are honored to play a small role in countering human trafficking from a cyber perspective. We are grateful to the CyberFox Team for providing a platform to use our skills to change and, hopefully, save lives.”

Stephen Treanor, ENSCO’s Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Director

Using information that’s accessible to the public, the CyberFox Team trains and deploys teams comprised entirely of volunteers who apply OSINT skills to real-time situations where lives are at stake. The mission serves law enforcement agencies, that might not have access to the kinds of cyber professionals required for such an effort, and families who are desperate to find answers in the search for their loved ones.

As the initiative grows, ENSCO remains dedicated to supporting OSINT4Good, providing volunteers and logistics as needed.


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