Development and verification of hardware requirements based on size, complexity and design assurance levels

Complete DO-254 Certification Solutions Built on Industry Best Practices

DO-254 Certification - ENSCO AvionicsENSCO Avionics is a leading provider of DO-254 solutions, including development, verification and certification across all Design Assurance Levels. Our DO-254 team supports program planning and execution by identifying strengths, weaknesses and risks related to the development and certification of their products.

Our engineers and project managers are fluent throughout the hardware development life cycle, including the following:

  • Certification liaison and SOI support
  • Planning
  • Requirements development
  • Design and design analyses
  • Firmware implementation
  • Hardware verification environment definition
  • Requirements-based test development and coverage analysis
  • Project management, configuration management, and process assurance
  • Navigation of the subtleties between SEH and CEH development efforts

ENSCO: A Leading Provider of DO-254 Solutions and Certification

With DO-254 requirements moving to the forefront of the avionics industry, ENSCO Avionics can guide clients through the myriad of DO-254 requirements and offer cost-effective direction, while providing timely access to talent for specific tasks and durations of time, thus reducing budget and schedule risks.

ENSCO’s DO-254 development and verification teams are intimately familiar with the latest hardware design, simulation, test and integration tools, and development environments. We can help with project sizing and scheduling based on hardware requirements, hardware lines of code (HLOC), and device size and complexity. We provide full turnkey development and verification solutions, as well as reverse engineering and test rig design and development to support full system integration.

ENSCO Avionics’ experience and safety-critical knowledge in software development can be applied to other business sectors, including space, medical, rail, and security.

ENSCO Avionics’ Complex Electronic Hardware Engineering: Experience and Industry Know-how

  • Meet FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and military compliant certifications
  • Achieve turnkey hardware and software managed solutions
  • Outsource all or part of a development effort – staff, technology, guidance or oversight to mitigate schedule and staffing risk
  • Deploy best-of-breed processes, tools and reuse to improve competitive edge for both schedule and cost
  • Work with trusted partner, subcontractor, or with FFP, T&M, cost plus

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