Full independent certification across a wide range of FAA aircraft system and equipment certifications

Supporting a Wide Range of Aircraft System and Equipment Certifications

ENSCO offers a wide range of certification services, including certification and compliance oversight, gap and process analysis, and subcontractor or vendor management for both commercial and military applications.

ENSCO’s experience is built on the success of multiple certification programs, applying industry best practices with leading aerospace and defense providers, and lessons learned. ENSCO can provide certification managers and is allied with some of the leading Consultant FAA DERs.

ENSCO Avionics’ Streamlined Certification

  • Reduce costs by recommending the minimum necessary certification processes to meet each Design Assurance Level (DAL)
  • Maximize resources by creating "just-in-time" certification action teams
  • Tailored certification programs to support growth paths

Certifications Supported

  • Software: DO-178C/ED-12C, DO-278A/ED-109 through DAL A/AL1 and companion documents: DO-248C, DO-330, DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333
  • Hardware: DO-254/ED-80 through DAL A

Support and Guidance:

  • Type Certificate (TC)
  • Amended Type Certificate (ATC)
  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)
  • Technical Standard Order (TSO)

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ENSCO Avionics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENSCO, Inc.