Bring autonomous aircraft to market faster with ENSCO Certification Services
Airworthiness Safety (DO-178C & DO-254) and Security (DO-326A & DO-356) solutions for AAM/UAM programs.

Whether traditionally or electric powered, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft represent one of the fastest growing and groundbreaking markets in the commercial aircraft industry. Technological leaders in this space face formidable airworthiness safety and security certification challenges.

The ENSCO advantage:

Our domain expertise helps ease these challenges to bring your products to market quicker and safer. For over 35 years, ENSCO has been the go-to project partner for commercial and military aircraft manufacturers seeking a smarter way to overcome airborne systems certification challenges.


ENSCO immediately benefits your AAM/UAM programs through:

  • Extensive experience supporting AAM, UAM, and eVTOL projects
  • Proven results streamlining DO-178C and DO-254 Certification/Compliance
  • SW and Firmware certification assessment and guidance including Gap Analyses and Process Improvement activities
  • Successful working relationships with the FAA, EASA and Transport Canada
  • Domain expertise in Flight & Engine Controls, Power Generation/Distribution, Guidance/Navigation Systems, and Display Systems

UAMLet’s work together to ensure safe, reliable and efficient AAM/UAM platforms

Our proven methodologies and project management expertise successfully cut development costs and eliminate program delays. We’ve supported over 500 successful certification programs – let us help fast-track yours.

Contact us today to learn how to reduce your AAM/UAM/VTOL program expenses and accelerate your time to market.

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