ENSCO Awarded Contract with Canadian National Railway for Hi-rail Track Geometry and Joint Bar Inspection Systems

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Falls Church, Va., July 7, 2015

ENSCO, Inc., is proud to announce that ENSCO Rail has received a contract to equip two Canadian National Railway (CN) hi-rail vehicles with both a track geometry measurement system and a machine vision joint bar inspection system to assess track condition, helping to improve safer operation.

ENSCO's product RailScan Lite Track Geometry Measurement System (RSL-TGMS) is tailored specifically for use on hi-rail vehicles. RSL-TGMS deploys laser and inertial sensor technology to give CN a simple and strait forward inspection process that is easy to operate, calibrate and maintain.

ENSCO's Joint Bar Inspection System is a machine vision-based inspection system that is used with both hi-rail and rail bound vehicles to identify joint bar defects, thus aiding in improving safety.

Both systems are fully compliant with Transport Canada and U.S. Federal Railroad Administration regulations. Additionally, both inspection systems will be integrated with CN’s internal data management systems for data analysis and remedial action planning. 

ENSCO is pleased to support the safety and track inspection needs of the Canadian National Railway using best-of-breed technology. For more than 40 years, ENSCO has been a leading provider of railway safety technologies throughout the world. ENSCO is committed to the delivery and support of new solutions to improve rail safety and performance, and is the industry's premier source for track inspection, vehicle/track interaction consulting, railroad safety and security, as well as railroad asset management technology.

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