ENSCO Avionics Supports Army’s GBSAA Program

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Falls Church, Va., March 24, 2015

ENSCO Avionics, Inc. is proud to announce the Army will utilize the ENSCO Avionics’ IGL™ and IData® Tool Suite in the design and development of the Ground Based Sense And Avoid (GBSAA) Alert Display subsystem.

The Army developed the ground-based sense and avoid system as a more efficient means of complying with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for flying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in domestic airspace. Currently, the FAA requires aircraft in domestic airspace to be able to "sense and avoid," which is a problem for unmanned aircraft with no pilot in the cockpit.

The Army currently complies with FAA rules by providing a visual ground observer or launching chase aircraft when unmanned aircraft are in flight. The new GBSAA will provide an alternative to these options.

The U.S. Army plans to install a new ground-based sense and avoid (GBSAA) system at five Army installations by 2016 to ensure that its UAS will not conflict with other aircraft in domestic airspace. ENSCO Avionics began supporting the Army's GBSAA program via a contract with SRC, Inc., in Syracuse, in October 2012. This support then moved directly under Science Application International Corporation and the Army.

ENSCO Avionics began supporting GBSAA efforts with consulting on DO-178C certification aspects and assisting in writing the 178C Plans and Standards. Today, along with the application of the IGL and IData Tool Suites, ENSCO Avionics’ requirements and verification team is responsible for writing software requirements and performing verification for several subsystems. The synergistic aspects of applying the IGL and IData Tool Suites along with ENSCO Avionics’ 25 years of DO-178 safety-critical avionics software/systems experience made ENSCO Avionics the ideal choice for this program.

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