ENSCO and KLD Labs Exhibit at Railway Interchange

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Indianapolis, IN, October 1, 2023

ENSCO Rail (ENSCO) and KLD Labs will attend the Railway Interchange exhibition from Oct. 1-4 in Indianapolis, IN. Both ENSCO and KLD Labs will exhibit their innovations side by side, demonstrating their commitment to advancing cutting-edge solutions in track and vehicle inspection technologies.

ENSCO will showcase its autonomous inspection vehicles, the Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP) at the Transportation Technology Center (TTC), and the Ultrasonic Rail Flaw System. Additionally, ENSCO will provide insights into its upcoming First Annual Conference & Tour at the TTC in November, and offer further details about the acquisition of KLD Labs earlier this year.

As part of their collaborative efforts, ENSCO and KLD Labs will jointly promote each other's contributions to the industry. The conference attendees can expect a comprehensive display of expertise and a strong partnership in delivering innovative solutions for the railway sector. Join us at the conference to explore the latest advancements from both ENSCO and KLD Labs.

Attendees can hear ENSCO experts present on Tuesday, Oct. 3, at the following times:

At 10:30 a.m., as part of the Maintenance-of-Way Technical Session, Jennifer Zahaczewski, ENSCO, will present FTA’s Track Inspection and Track Asset Management Research and Demonstration.

At 11 a.m., as part of the Track Technical Session, Rakan Alturk, ENSCO, and Debakanta Mishra, Oklahoma State University, will present Lateral Load Measurement using Strain Gauges: Accuracy, Challenges and Recommended Protocol.

For more information, attendees can find ENSCO in booth 3975 and KLD in booth 3876.


For more than 50 years, ENSCO has led the rail industry worldwide in developing new and advanced technologies to improve the safety, security, and quality of their operations. ENSCO is a trusted provider of automated and autonomous inspection systems, web-based data management systems, vehicle dynamics analysis and simulations, and large-scale systems integration projects. ENSCO’s engineers have pioneered the use of advanced technology and data analytics paired with leading railway subject matter experts to increase railway safety while also ensuring operating efficiency and productivity. Learn more about ENSCO.


Railway Interchange is the largest railway exhibition and technical conference in North America, attended by 8,500+ industry professionals from around the globe. The exhibition showcases the latest technology, services, and research by members of the Railway Supply Institute (RSI), the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA), and Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI). Railway Interchange also features technical and educational sessions by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance -of-Way Association (AREMA) Annual Conference and the RSI Education & Technical Training Conference. Learn more about Railway Interchange.

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