ENSCO’s MicroSearch® to Showcase Human Presence Detection System at International Security Expo 2022

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Next Generation Contactless Vehicle Sensor for Touch-Free Human Detection

Springfield, Va., September 22, 2022

ENSCO, Inc. announced today that its state-of-the-art Human Presence Detection System, MicroSearch®, will be showcasing at the 2022 International Security Expo in London on September 27–28. MicroSearch is a one-of-a-kind technology that detects humans hiding in vehicles or shipping containers loaded on vehicles through unique sensors placed on or near vehicles that detect the presence of a human heartbeat.

MicroSearch systems have been deployed and used globally since 2001 to make vehicle and container inspections safer and more efficient for correctional facilities, border crossings, ferry ports, seaports and high-value facilities.

“ENSCO is pleased to showcase its MicroSearch system at the International Security Expo and to introduce the Contactless Vehicle Sensor system to the international security community,” commented Jeff Stevens, president of ENSCO, Inc. “ENSCO’s MicroSearch unique human presence detection system is an essential component of exterior perimeter security at border crossings, seaports and correctional facilities around the world,” Stevens continued.

MicroSearch technology is more reliable and cost-effective than other detection sensor approaches, and is safer and quicker than time consuming, costly manual searches. MicroSearch is available in a Wired Configuration, a Wireless Configuration, and a Contactless Configuration.

Through the Contactless Configuration technology, an inspection is performed without touching or placing anything on the vehicle, offering greater portability, flexibility, and safety during inspections at correctional facilities, border crossings, ferry ports, seaports, and high-value facilities. The Contactless Vehicle Sensor is similar in size to the current Wired and Wireless Vehicle Sensor and is compatible with all other features of the current MicroSearch hardware and software.

MicroSearch software is available in the following languages: Arabic, Belgian (Flemish), Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish. Additional languages can be supported upon request. In addition, MicroSearch user manuals are available in Spanish and Arabic. All MicroSearch authorized resellers offer full service and technical support after the sale. Please contact ENSCO for the nearest reseller to your locality.

While attending the International Security Expo please visit MicroSearch at Stand: A50

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