MicroSearch® Human Presence Detection Featured in Correctional News

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Springfield, Va., July 9, 2019

MicroSearch Human Presence Detection Featured in Correctional News MagazineENSCO’s human presence detection system for corrections and border applications was featured in the May-June 2019 issue of Correctional News.

The article, entitled “Evolution of Human Presence Detection to Meet Today’s Perimeter Security Needs,” outlined the challenges and importance of perimeter security in corrections facilities. It addressed the origins of ENSCO human presence technology, as well as MicroSearch® product development, investments and future enhancement plans.

The article traced the evolution of MicroSearch features, including wireless sensors, noise mitigation, user interface improvements, and how those enhancements addressed the evolving needs of the corrections industry.

Founded in 1994, Correctional News is the only news magazine specifically dedicated to correctional facility construction, maintenance and operations. Widely read by facility operators and managers as well as architects, contractors and suppliers, Correctional News has become a must-read business news publication in this unique market.

To view the article, visit http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/8dd6d72e or download a PDF.


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