MicroSearch® Exceeds All Expectations at Mock Prison Riot

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Springfield, Va., May 17, 2021

MicroSearch - fifth-generation Human Presence Detection System (HPDS)MicroSearch® has unveiled its fifth-generation Human Presence Detection System (HPDS) designed for vehicle and container inspections at correctional facilities, border crossings, ferry ports, seaports and high-value facilities. This latest generation HPDS includes a Standoff Vehicle Sensor (SVS), which makes the system completely contactless. Vehicle inspection is performed without touching the vehicle or placing anything on the vehicle, offering greater portability, flexibility and safety during inspections. As an annual participant in the Mock Prison Riot, MicroSearch exhibited the advanced capabilities of its HPDS in a real-world environment.

The 2021 riot was held in the decommissioned West Virginia Penitentiary and was open to U.S. attendees only, versus previous years when it was open to an international audience. MicroSearch was well primed to deliver an exciting interactive demonstration of its upgraded technology at this event. Unlike a typical trade show, the demonstration was held outdoors, complete with vehicles, ”escapees” and real potential users.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of our first live demo,” says Tom Plutt, Director of MicroSearch at ENSCO. “We secured invitations to meet with several high-profile customers. The Mock Prison Riot is a good customer-building option for our product, as it allows us to exhibit in an authentic setting and work conditions of MicroSearch.”


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