ENSCO Welcomes Government, Industry, and Academic Leaders for the TTC First Annual Conference & Tour

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Pueblo, CO, November 10, 2023

TTC First Annual Conference and Tour - Day 1, ENSCO, November 8, 2023
Day 1 at the Pueblo Convention Center

ENSCO, Inc. hosted more than 300 attendees from government, industry, and academia for the Transportation Technology Center First Annual Conference & Tour on November 7-8 in Pueblo, Colorado. The two-day event was held at both the Pueblo Convention Center and the Transportation Technology Center (TTC).

During the first day of the conference, presentations and roundtable discussions focused on critical issues for the rail and transportation industry including cybersecurity, decarbonization, emergency response, workforce development, and future research and test needs from government and industry perspectives. On day two, attendees experienced unprecedented access to the TTC through a first-of-its-kind expanded tour of the 52-square-mile property. Some of the sites observed included the Impact Wall, a structure with a three-million-pound impact load rating, the Underground Tunnel, a vital research tool used for blast testing within confined spaces, and the Precision Geometry Slab Track, an adjustable track to assess vehicle dynamics and track measuring system accuracy. In addition to the tour and live demonstrations, industry suppliers presented their equipment on-track showcasing new and emerging technologies.

TTC First Annual Conference and Tour - Day 2, ENSCO, November 7, 2023
Day 2 at the Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

“This event provided an excellent opportunity to bring interested stakeholders together to discuss important research, test, and training priorities for our industry and highlight how this national asset, the TTC, can be used by this community to advance their key initiatives in development of industry standards, product lifecycle testing, vulnerability assessment, HAZMAT first response, and workforce development,” ENSCO President Jeff Stevens noted.

TTC was built in 1971 and has been established as the largest railway test and training facility in the world. Through its history, the TTC has contributed to some of the most notable advancements in the world for railway safety and innovation. As the current operator of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)-owned facility, ENSCO is expanding the role of the center to support additional government and commercial entities.

During the two-day event, ENSCO announced dates for the 2nd Annual TTC Conference & Tour, which will take place on October 22-23, 2024. For more information, please visit the conference website, https://ttc-conference.com.

To learn more about the TTC, please visit https://ttc-ensco.com.

About the Transportation Technology Center (TTC)

ENSCO, Inc. is the operator of the Transportation Technology Center (TTC) located in Pueblo, Colorado, on behalf of the Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Spanning 52 square miles, the TTC is dedicated to innovating and advancing research, development, testing, and training to improve safety, security, and sustainability in all forms of surface transportation. The TTC is also home to the Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP). CCIP's mission is to fortify critical infrastructure entities against cyber and physical threats through comprehensive training, rigorous assessments, meticulous testing, and robust protection measures. Located at 55500 DOT Road, Pueblo, CO 81001, the TTC stands as a cornerstone of innovation and advancement. Explore the vast TTC capabilities at https://ttc-ensco.com.

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