ENSCO, Inc. Supports Warren County's "This Is IT! Club" to Foster Tech Education Among Teens

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Warren County, VA, June 5, 2024

  • The "This Is IT! Club" provides local teens with critical technology education and training, helping to prepare them for future careers in the industry.
  • ENSCO employees have contributed over $20,000 this year to support the program, the funding necessary for educational tools and resources like laptops.
  • ENSCO leaders actively participate in the program, offering mentorship and sharing industry insights.
  • This Is IT! opens doors for students through scholarships and internships, enhancing their academic and professional prospects.

ENSCO, Inc., a global leader in engineering and technology solutions, is proud to support the "This Is IT! Club" (TII!), a Warren County initiative aimed at engaging local teens with the technical skills essential for tomorrow's workforce. The club, which targets students from ninth to 12th grade across various schooling backgrounds, offers hands-on experiences in information technology, equipping participants with critical skills and opening doors to future tech careers.

TII!, celebrating its second successful year, boasts a near-perfect attendance record, underscoring its value to students and the community.

"We allow and encourage students to experience a wide breadth of IT-related activities, providing them an experience they cannot find anywhere else locally," said ENSCO’s Frank Lagasse, co-founder of TII! and member of its leadership team.

ENSCO Supports VA Warren County's This is IT! Club to Foster Tech Education Among Teens
Right: Melissa Chapman, a This Is IT! instructor and president of 9th Way Insignia, teaching students during a class.  

The initiative also benefits from strong community and industry support, with local firms, including ENSCO employees contributing $20,000 this year for resources like laptops and educational materials and awards of scholarships to students who apply.

ENSCO's involvement with TII! reflects its commitment to fostering educational development and preparing the next generation for technological advancements. The program not only enhances students' technical skills but also integrates career workshops, scholarships, and internship opportunities, which bridge the gap between educational endeavors and professional success.


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