ENSCO Sponsors IEEE AESS Radar Summer School

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Springfield, Va., April 16, 2019

ENSCO is pleased to sponsor the 2019 IEEE AESS Radar Summer School, April 26-27, in Boston, Mass.

Held in conjunction with the IEEE Radar Conference, the IEEE AESS Radar Summer School covers a variety of fundamental topics central to the field of radar technologies and is especially valuable to those starting a career in this field. Classes are taught by some of the world’s leading researchers.

ENSCO is proud to be the sole sponsor of the event, which includes a series of lectures in fundamental areas of radars followed by a day at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where students will build their own radar from a kit. ENSCO Chief Technology Officer for National Security Solutions Dr. Michael Picciolo will lecture on Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) for radars.

“ENSCO is proud to sponsor the IEEE AESS Summer School,” states Boris Nejikovsky, President of ENSCO. “ENSCO has a long history of developing and providing advanced technology for applications in electronic warfare, signal intelligence, positioning, navigation, and timing. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in this valuable educational event in the radar community.”

The IEEE Radar Conference is the world’s premier radar conference.


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