ENSCO to Showcase PNT Technology for GPS-denied Environments at Joint Navigation Conference 2015 in Orlando, June 22-25

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ENSCO Ion LogoFalls Church, Va., June 12, 2015

ENSCO will be showcasing its Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) solutions and presenting two topics at the Institute of Navigation (ION) Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) in Orlando, June 22-25.

The ION Joint Navigation Conference is the largest U.S. military navigation conference with joint service and government participation. The event focuses on technical advances in Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C), battlefield applications of GPS, critical strengths or weaknesses of fielded navigation devices, warfighter PNT requirements and solutions, and navigation warfare.

ENSCO’s presentation during the Collaborative Navigation Techniques session will address how well collaborating aircraft can maintain their PNT state accuracy in the absence of GPS by exploiting inter-aircraft RF measurements to aid inertial navigation. The presentation will highlight ENSCO technology that dual-uses RF data communications links for physical PNT measurements of distance, speed, orientation, time, and frequency.

ENSCO will also present during the RF-Aided (Non-GPS) Alternate Navigation Technologies session. The talk will focus on the Position and Attitude of Weapons Systems (PAWS), which is a six-degree of freedom (6-DOF) tracking technology for non-standard flights of precision-guided munitions that provides rapid, precise and accurate time, space and position information (TSPI) from launch to impact, independent of GPS.

ENSCO will be discussing these technologies and providing demonstrations of our other PNT solutions in Booth 52 of the JNC 2015 Exhibit Hall. Learn more about ENSCO’s PNT solutions and ENSCO’s patented capabilities in the Precise, Accurate and Multipath-Resistant Distance and Speed Measurements article in the June 2015 GPS World magazine.

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