ENSCO Rail to Participate in the 27th Annual Wheel Rail Interaction Conference

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Springfield, Va., June 21, 2022

ENSCO Rail will be showcasing at the 27th Annual Wheel/Rail Interaction Conference, June 21-24, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, BC. This unique conference is a forum for track and mechanical professionals to meet and exchange ideas in the critical area of the wheel/rail interface and learn from the best in the business how to stay ahead of the technology curve. ENSCO Rail is recognized globally as a leading provider of railway infrastructure inspection technology and equipment that help to prevent life threatening train derailments and other incidents.

ENSCO Rail’s Division Manager, Matt Dick, will present Vehicle-Track Measurement Technologies as part of the WRI’s Principles Course session. The presentation will provide an overview of automated inspection system types and underlying technologies used to monitor various aspects of vehicles, track, and vehicle-track interaction. A range of vehicle-mounted and track-mounted systems will be featured during the presentation. Coverage of fundamental measurement technologies includes, location determination, imaging and machine vision, laser profiling, LIDAR and ultrasonic flaw detection.

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